Early Help Assessment Tool (EHAT)

What we do
In Sutton we use a Multi-Agency Early Help Assesment Tool and the London Continuum of Need to help us assess the needs of children and young people.  Using the EHAT enables us to understand a child’s needs and to develop effective Action Plans and packages of support in order to address those needs.    It also helps us to identify when children and young people require referrals for statutory assessment

How we work
The Early Help Co-ordinator maintains the register of all EHATS undertaken for children who live in Sutton.   Any practitioner who thinks that a child or young person has needs that cannot be met solely through universal education or health services should discuss the Early Help Assessment process with the child’s family in order to gain their agreement to undertake a Early Help Assessment.  
Before undertaking a new early help assessment it is important to find out if one has already been completed or started and if there is a Lead Professional, or if Social Services are involved. To do this contact EHAT@sutton.gov.uk or call 0208 436 1720.

The EHAT can only be undertaken with the consent of the parent(s) and the young person who are also active contributors to the Team Around the Family process.

How we support schools
The Early Help Co-ordinator delivers multi-agency or service-specific training to practitioners across the children’s workforce and is able to provide advice and guidance, if needed, to staff in schools about the Early Help Assessment/Team Around Family process.   Where there is not yet a named Lead Professional for a child, the Early Help Co-ordinator can support with the bringing together of a group of multi-agency professionals to set up a Team Around the Family. 

How we support children and young people
The Early Help Assessment can be used to support children from pre-birth to 19 years old.   For most children and young people, the EHAT is undertaken with the consent of the parent or carer and with the young person if he/she is old enough to contribute as a partner in the process.   Wherever possible, the ideas and feelings of the child or young person are included in the assessment and in reviewing progress against the Early Help Action Plan.   The individual’s preferred learning style should always be considered in developing an Action Plan that will feel effective and beneficial to the child or young person, and their views and wishes should be listened to throughout the process.

How we support parents
The Early Help Assesment process is always followed with the consent and agreement of parents or carers, unless it is evident that the interests of the young person are in conflict with those of their parent or carer and that the young person is competent and old enough to initiate the Early Help Assesment process independently of their parent or carer

How the service is funded
The Early Help Co-ordinator comes under the management of Integrated Services for Young Children.

Contact point

Emily Smith:

Early Help Co-ordinator: MASH Team, 1st Floor, Sutton Police Station, 6 Carshalton Road, Sutton SM1 4RF

Tel:  020 6490418 (Mon & Fri)

email: emily.smith@sutton.gov.uk

EHAT Inbox: EHAT@sutton.gov.uk

MASH Team, 1st Floor, Sutton Police Station, 6 Carshalton Road, Sutton SM1 4RF
Tel:  020 8649 0543 (Mon & Fri)

Please see attachements below that are available to download

EHAT Guidance Document

EHAT Multi-Agency Early Help Assessment Tool

EHAT Multi-Agency TAF Reporting Template

Team around the Family Template Agenda

TAF Outcome Letter

TAF minutes and action plan

Invites to First TAF Meeting

More information

London Continuum of Need

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