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National Autism Week 2017

Published: Monday, 10th April 2017

National Autism Week 2017


National Autism Week 2017

Will you make one small change to stop the overload?

Dear Nicky,

Last World Autism Awareness Week, 10-year-old Alex showed over 56 million people what it’s like to have sensory overload in a shopping centre. One year on, in our unnerving new film, 12-year-old Holly will show them how not getting enough processing time feels… Like everything’s building up. Like your brain is too crowded – and about to explode.

77% of autistic people feel the public don’t understand their need for extra processing time. Holly says:

"If just one person sees the film and is more understanding of autistic people, I’ll be happy. People can do really simple things to help, like not rushing someone to respond to a question. Small changes can often make the biggest difference.

She’s right. We need to move people from understanding to real action.

Big change can come from lots of little actions. You’ll already know what these small things can be, but we need to come together to teach the public too. Pledge to make a small change today to help reduce the overload. Then share it with your family, friends and colleagues.

Whether you’re at the shops, on public transport, at work or out with friends, a change as simple as using clear language, having a bit of patience, or avoiding last minute changes can help to reduce the overload.

Make a pledge this World Autism Awareness Week – and you’ll be leading the way for the rest of the UK.

Best wishes,

Mark Lever

Chief Executive

PS Watch Holly in our new film.

The National Autistic Society                                                       Until everyone understands