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GPs and Autism

Published: Sunday, 7th August 2016


GPs and Autism

The Royal College of General Practitioners (GPs) has produced a range of information for GPs about autism, and an Autism Patient Charter. The Charter says that GP surgeries will:

• Ensure all surgery staff are more ‘autism aware’ through access to the provision of guidance

• Work with people with autism to develop an autism-friendly environment, responding proactively to suggestions people with autism may have

• Make reasonable adjustments should staff suspect a patient or carer has autism, creating an environment where people feel comfortable disclosing their condition should they wish to

• Ensure staff are aware of the different ways people with autism may choose to communicate, and will try to communicate by the most appropriate means for the individual concerned

• Make staff aware of the likely causes of challenging behaviour and how to communicate effectively with someone in distress

To see all the resources from the Royal College of GPs, go to: